Ski and Snowboard school – Campitello di Fassa


All courses start on Sunday or Monday and end on Friday. The price refers to the added cost of a weekly course. In the reservation to indicate the data of those who use the service for multiple purchases, in the address field to mark the names and dates of birth. Recall that in case of cancellation within 24 h from the beginning of the courses, we refund the full amount paid with a 5 € deduction as a secretarial fee.

  • Season: from 01.12.2022 to 18.12.2022 – from 08.01.2023 to 28.01.2023 – 19.03.2023 until end of the season;
  • High  Season: from 20.12.2021 to 23.12.2021 and from 30.01.2022 to 26.02.2022 and from 06.03.2022 to 19.03.2022;
  • Top Season (only private lessons): from 25.12.2022 to 07.01.2023 and from 19.02.2023 to 25.02.2023
  • Beginners: first time on skis;
  • Advanced:snowplough and/or parallel turns, for this course is required the Dolomiti Superskipass;
  • Each hour’s lesson lasts 55 minutes, it is also possible to book 1,5 hour lessons;
  • Classes are subject to change to individual lessons in the event of less then 5 people;
  • Times of group classes are subject to change at management’ s discretion.